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*** Google Webmaster Tools, SEO & Website Monetization ***


Google Webmaster Tools, SEO and Website Monetization


Google has an extensive set of free tools to support analysis and performance evaluations of a website.  These include Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.  Within these two are many features to assist the webmaster in evaluating and improving the performance of a website in terms of search engine placement.  Many informative pages are provided to assist in the understanding of what search engines are looking for and what search engine are not looking for or simply don't like.


In addition, Google has several options for assisting in the monetization of a website.  Google Merchant Center provides an alternative to advertising products which can be linked back to your website.  Google AdSense allows you to place 'pay per click' ads on your website.  Both of these options can quickly increase the revenue stream from your website.


Here are a few quick tips to make a website interesting to search engines ... (these apply to every page of a website)


- Always include the title, description and keywords.

- For some reason, search engines like to see .pdf file!

- Use alt and title tags on all pictures.

- Always, always, check your spelling.

- Don't use frames.

- Be sure to enable 404 error pages for your website.


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