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*** Email Signature Blocks ***


How to make an Email Signature Block ...


To start, create an html page that displays exactly what you would like your signature block to look like. Include all the pictures, text, links that you would like along with setting the font sizes and colors. Now if you did this using something like FrontPage (a website design package) you can switch to the actual html and copy just the html code for your signature block, excluding all the header information and such from the page.


Paste this html code into something like WordPad and save it as 'filename'.html. You will probably have to add the fully qualified name/location for any pictures to the html code.  The pictures can reside anywhere on your computer.


Now, in Outlook Express (as an example), go to Tools/Options.../Signatures. Click on New, than click on File, use the Browse button to locate the file you saved. The Browse button brings up another window for selecting the file. On this window, first, under file type, select HTML. Than find your file and click Open. The Browse window will close and you will be back at the Signature window. On the Signature window, click apply and the signature will be saved. If you wish, you can have the signature added to all outgoing mail or you can selectively add it using the Insert/Signature from the email edit page.


Note, you must have your email set to use HTML. I would also recommend that on the email edit page, under Format, you always have the Send Pictures with Message clicked on.


Sample Signatures are below... (you can see the .htlm code for this page by looking at the 'source' under View in your browser.)  The Signature Blocks will be a little smaller in your email.


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