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*** Photo Album Program ***



Photo Album / Picture Gallery with PHP



The following link is to a Photo album / Picture Gallery program written in PHP... Photo Album 


The program is a complete stand alone picture album program.  Just load the php program file into the directory that has your pictures on your website.  The program name is 'index.php', so you can access the program simply by addressing the directory with the pictures and the program, like this .  With any text editor, you can easily set the following variables in the PHP program:


Current Default Settings


$album_name = "photo album ..."; // title
$album_desc = "This is a small ..."; // description


$album_width = 600; // width in pixels
$thumb_width = 120; // width of thumbnail images
$thumb_height = 80; // height of thumbnail images


$pp = 12; //display how many pictures per page

Our Preferred Settings


$album_name = "Album Title ..."; // title
$album_desc = "Album Descriptionl ..."; // description


$album_width = 900; // width in pixels
$thumb_width = 150; // width of thumbnail images
$thumb_height = 100; // height of thumbnail images


$pp = 30; //display how many pictures per page


The program is a wonderful example of the power of a simple, well thought out program using PHP.  The author did a great job.  For more information on this program and how to download the PHP program, visit and look under Free PHP Scripts for PHP Photo Album / Picture Gallery.


Though not a limitation of this program, the PHP thumbnail script does have a limitation on both the file size and dimensions of the picture file.  Another program, FastStone Photo Resizer, solves this problem.  This program has a Batch Convert mode for converting very large picture files to a smaller size.  Converting picture files to something like 1024 x 768 is a good compromise for making a thumbnail and still displaying the full size picture on a computer screen.  Click here to learn more about this program.


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