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The table below, Major Website Design Steps, outlines some general guidelines for planning and tracking the development of a website.  There are distinct responsibilities for both the designer and the owner of the website.  Note that SimplyWestern can design both a favicon and a QR Code for your website.  The prices listed below are for a local ISP.  Our partner, IXWebHosting, can provide these services for less.  Visit our hosting website, for more information.


In addition to the design guide, there are several other examples of graphic effects which could be incorporated into your website.


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Major Website Design Steps ...


Domain Name - Tulsa Connect Registration, $ 15.00/year

Web Site Hosting - Basic Web Hosting by Tulsa Connect, $ 9.95/month.  This service level will handle the website and email requirements.  Included in this service level is 5 email accounts. ...

Web Site Design - A single page has been requested for this website (more could be easily added).

Publish Website - Your website will initially be built under our domain.  When it is near completion, we will move it to your domain. ...

Email Addresses - You can have up to 5 email accounts.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - The is the effort involved in optimizing a web site for presentation to search engines, such as Google and Yahoo. We will take care of this effort with a little help from you. You will need to assist us in coming up with a good Title and Description for your web site and a list of Keywords for you web site. We can work on this concurrent with the design of your web site.








The website will be added to Google, Yahoo and Bing for indexing.


Pictures, Graphics & Documents - Also, we need to obtain digital pictures that you want displayed on your web site and digital copies of any documents you might want to be made available to customers to download and fill out.  In addition, we should design a Favicon and a QR Code for your website.



SimplyWestern favicon  SimplyWestern favicon, typically displayed at 1/2 x   SimplyWestern favicon


SimplyWestern QR Code   QR Code for:



Source for a program to make favicons ... Program to make favicons


Sources for making and reading QRcodes ... Website that makes QRcodes  BCtester program reads QRcodes



Web Site Marketing - This covers the effort of promoting your web site. There are a number of things you can do to begin this effort. The primary things to do are (1) adding your web site address to all of your literature, letter head, business card, etc., (2) promoting your business (web site) on various social networks such as,,,,,, etc., and (3) introducing your web site to various search engines (like Google, Yahoo and Bing which I will do) and regional directories (like In addition, most professional organizations you are associated with will also help promote your web site.


Another approach is to promote your products in other areas of the internet with links back to your website.  For example, setting up an eBay store with a few of your items can be very productive although eBay does charge for this service.  Another is to add a few of your products to Google Product Services,  The Google Product Services is free.  The primary objective for either of these options is to provide additional links back to your site.


Now, for some things for you to do. Do you have an idea of what you want your web site to look like? As much detail as you can provide is great. In addition, can you list the addresses for a couple of web sites you like and do not like. Outlining your ideas for what information you want on a web site would be very helpful. ...
Almost everything here can be done in parallel. Initially, we will start the design of your web site under ur web site. You will be able to follow the design process in detail that way. Once it is all completed, we will publish it under your domain name. ...



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Various Graphic Demo's



Picture for background



Washed out picture for

table background above



Ranger 335V Comanche Bass Boat - 17 Foot

Selected enlargements for pictures



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