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What do you think about those little "favicon's" (favorite icons). Favicon's !!!, those little icons (usually small, very small, logo's) in your favorites list beside some web site links. For example, see Amazon, PetSmart, EBAY, Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target, etc. Look in the address window of your browser to see the Simply Western favicon. Would you like one for your web site?
Technically, favicons are fairly easy to create and include on a web site. However, most browsers seem to still be learning how to use them. Microsoft's Internet Explorer being one of them! Another problem is that favicon's are in fact graphic art... emphasis on art. To create a nice icon representing a company, i.e., their logo or some other relevant image, requires a graphics artist. The favicon does provide a way to highlight your web site from all the others, both in the address area of a browser, and more importantly, on ones favorites list. Favicon's can also be dragged from a browser to ones desktop, for a direct link to a web site... smart little guys, they are! So, what do you think?
Adding a new page to a web site for a local small business, including perhaps pictures of a new product, could be done in a morning. I'd be happy to do that for a nice lunch! Adding an already drawn and approved favicon could be done in 10 minutes. However, I could (and have) spent 40 hours or more on trying to create one, with no success. Convincing a small business owner to have a good graphics artist create the artwork has been difficult. Most like the idea, but are not willing to spend the dollars. Any ideas?
If you have done any web site (html) coding at all, its simple. In fact, if the browsers had all the bugs worked out, no html coding would be required at all. Much like your 'home' web page named 'index.***', your browser will automatically look for a favicon in the high level directory of your web site with the name 'favicon.ico'. However, just to be sure, you might want to add the following line to the header portion of your home web page (maybe right after your page title)...
< link rel="SHORTCUT ICON" href="favicon.ico" >
Than, just upload your icon to the home page with the name 'favicon.ico'. I might point out that you can't just rename a graphics file you have made to '***.ico' The .ico format is a unique file format for the favicons, allowing for multiple icon sizes, animation and link references. A Google search should find some free favicons that you could us. And... good luck :)
Oh, one more thing... '***.ico ' files may be considered system files. Depending on your settings, your operating system and/or some programs may decide to hide them from view in file listings.


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