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SimplyWestern collects no personal information of any kind on any of its websites, including SimplyWestern's Sales Pages and Grandma's Recipes except as noted below. If any personal information is provided to  SimplyWestern for any reason, that information will not be shared with anyone outside of SimplyWestern. And, the information will only be used in conjunction with the senders reason for providing the information.  This would include the sender agreeing to receive promotional information from SimplyWestern using his email address.
SimplyWestern does utilize Google AdSense to monetize some webpages, along with Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics to track activity on some webpages. Again, SimplyWestern collects no personal information of any kind in using these or any other support packages provided by Google. Any questions or concerns regarding Google's policy, please visit One policy, one Google experience.
On Grandma's Recipes, Make Money Taking Surveys page, there are a number of links to various survey companies, their representatives and other affiliate ads. If you click on any of those links, you should read their company's policies.


The Simply Western Sales pages may reference for items SimplyWestern has listed on eBay and may be used for customers paying for items on the Sales pages.  The customers name, street address and email address will be required for items sold.  More details on the PayPal procedures are on the Sales pages.  Any question or concerns regarding eBay or PayPal, please visit their websites.


In simple terms, we are committed to preserving the privacy of anyone visiting our web pages for any reason.  If you have any questions or comments, please drop us a line.




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