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Simply Western has been providing Web Site Design services for over 10 years.  Our primary customer base is small businesses looking for their initial presence on the internet.  We have worked with both service and product oriented companies.  We do perceive our business as somewhat of a personal service to small business owners.  Therefore, our customer base for web site design and development is the Greater Tulsa area, and Green Country (Oklahoma) in general.  These services are coordinated through our commercial web site, (this website).  For more information, visit the links to the left under Web Sites.


More recently we have moved towards providing our customers with complete turn key installations, including Domain Registration and Web Site Hosting.  Through our service it is possible to obtain your domain name and host your web site with very competitive costs.  We can provide free domain names with most web site hosting packages.  This service is available to customers worldwide through our network web site,  For more information, visit the links to the left under Domain and Hosting.


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